Proactive Website Security

Proactive Website Security is automatically included in all our Website Management and Maintenance packages.

Who is responsible for keeping on top of security for your website?
Are you confident that all the latest security updates/patches are applied?

Proactive Website SecurityInternet Security is one our major priorities when it comes to Website Management. It is also one of the most neglected aspects.

This is because in most cases no one is assigned the responsibility of ensuring the website is protected from security threats. Many website owners assume that everything is being taken care of by their web developer or host. This is often not the case; in fact it is highly unlikely they are attending to all required maintenance including critical security updates. If you do not have a webmaster on staff, and are not looking after maintenance and security concerns yourself, then chances are no one is, and your website may be a ticking time bomb.

Our virtual web masters are diligent and proactive when it comes to security concerns.

  • Constantly review security and make recommendations to hardened against threats
  • Ensure all required secure updates and patches are applied
  • Suggest and implement preventative security measures
  • Check logs and identify to attempted hacking attacks
  • Weekly scanning of web site for Malware

Proactive Website Security is part of our Basic Webmaster package which provides the minimum maintenance you need including WordPress Management (updating WordPress core, themes and plugins), Website Security, Backup Management, Performance Reporting, Malware scanning and monthly remote backups.

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