Webmaster On Demand Support

Like having your own in-house webmaster but at a fraction of the cost

Additional Webmaster hours

Your website management package will keep your website running smoothly by attending to regular maintenance and proactive security. If you don’t have a website management package check out How it all works together HERE.

Webmaster On Demand is for everything else.

Webmaster On Demand is a highly cost effective pay-as-you-go service that provides you with access to locally based professional webmaster services as you need them.

The service is very flexible and can be used for just about anything you would ask an in-house Webmaster to do including…

Website Updates
Add New Pages
Page Load Time
Page formatting
html/php edits
Add/change image
On-Page SEO
Manage social media

Fixing CSS issues
Find & test plugins
Install plugins
Configure Plugins
Update menus
Add social buttons
External SEO

Email Management
Email Support
Creating tables
Create simple forms
Vendor Liaison
Keyword Research
Setup social media

Just tell us what you are wanting to achieve in plain English, and we will look for the best solution.

On Demand Work Requests

We wanted to make our Webmaster On Demand service as simple as possible, yet we also needed to make it flexible enough to meet the planning, management and accounting needs of different businesses.

To provide this flexibility we have defined four types of on demand work requests that allow you to separate ad-hock jobs, scheduled (recurring) tasks, special projects and internet consultancy into different containers for reporting and budgetary reasons.

If you don’t need this flexibility you can ignore these types and treat all work requests the same.

When ordering Webmaster On Demand support hours you have the option of allocating them to a specific work request type, or making them available to all types.

If you allocate support hours to a specific work type, we will not use those hours for other work request types unless you specifically advise us to do so.

You can reallocate hours to other work request types at any time, and all unused hours are carried over to the next month.

General Support

This is for smaller ad hock jobs or seldom performed tasks that can normally be completed within thirty minutes, we will let you know if a work request is likely to take longer than 30 minutes so you can avoid having a single request use all your available support hours.

Scheduled Tasks

One of the great features of the Webmaster on Demand service is the ability to create a monthly work schedule for any recurring tasks. If you have anything you would like us to do daily, weekly, monthly or some other regular basis, you can create a scheduled work request and your virtual webmaster will automatically attend to this for you.

Special Projects

Larger tasks can be treated as a Special Project. Special Projects can be anything requiring substantial time such as major website development or design changes. You can create multiple Special Projects and each can have their own allocated hours.

Internet Consultancy

We can provide advise on all aspects of your online presence including assisting you to develop your internet strategy and online marketing.

How to Submit A Work Request

There are three ways to submit work requests:

  • Using our online form (recommended)
  • Using our ticketing system
  • Send via email

You can submit work requests as often as you like. The only limit is the available hours. You can top up your hours anytime by purchasing an additional hours.

Real Time Reporting

We provide detailed reporting in real time for all Webmaster On Demand work via dynamic time sheets that can be viewed online.

Pay As You Go

Webmaster On Demand is a pay as you go service. Simply purchase one of our Webmaster support packs of 5, 10 or 20 hours, and you have access to your virtual Webmaster when you need them.

Work requests are in 15 minute minimum blocks, but the good news is you can combine multiple smaller tasks into a single work request.

Webmaster support hours do not expire and are carried over to the next month.

Webmaster On Demand