Unlimited Website Updates

Website Updates is a webmaster on demand service.

How long since you updated your website?

Is it a hassle getting even something small changed?

How much does your web developer charge for even a minor update?

Unlimited website updatesTo be visible online today, a website needs to be dynamic. This means updating your website on a regular basis to keep visitors returning and feed search engines and social media.

The problem with most business websites is that they are little more than online copies of a business brochure. Static websites struggle to get high rankings on search engines, and are ignored by social media, which favour website that are regularly updated.

Some web design companies will charge an exorbitant fee to make even simple changes or updates to your website. Your Virtual Webmaster can change and update your website as often as you like as long as you have sufficient hours. This includes adding new pages, and even making minor changes to the design and functionality of the site, as part of the monthly management.

You can update your website every day if you want!

  • Add new pages and blog posts
  • Make adjustments to style and layout
  • Connect to Social Media
  • Add new links and banners
  • Install and configure plugins
  • Creating simple forms

Turn your website into a dynamic interactive marketing tool for your business.

Webmaster Services cover just about anything you would ask a webmaster to do.

Some of the more popular webmaster services are Website Updates, Vendor Liaison, Page Load Time, On-page SEO, Online Visibility (SEO) and Email management.

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