SEO Should Be Only Part Of Your Online Marketing

SEO Should Be Only Part Of Your Online Marketing

Why SEO should be only part of your online marketing


I just read an excellent article on SEO. It was very much along the lines of what I have been saying to clients for the past few years. I have been explaining to clients that it’s best to forget about trying to please Google and focus on pleasing your human visitors. I maintain that if you get that right you will be rewarded with higher rankings.

If you try to manipulate Google’s’ algorithm you will most likely fail and there is a real chance of being seen to be attempting to manipulate them, which will result in a Google penalty. My advice is to focus on the marketing and if you get that right then Google will most likely love you.

Of course, you need to do the on-page SEO so that Google understands what your page is about (in other words helping Google).

I love the definition of SEO in the article:

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is the art of:
helping Google*
to help your customers
to find your website
and pick you over someone else.

Google focus on and try to measure user experience. Most of the most important ranking factors revolve around this in some way. The CTR, Bounce Rate, Page load times all provide Google with feedback on what human visitors think about a web page.

Time to Think Differently About SEO

I have been encouraging people to think in terms of their ONLINE VISIBILITY of which being found in traditional search engines is only one part of a much bigger jigsaw puzzle. SEO is not just about building backlinks and using techniques alone. In fact, if you pursue that strategy you probably struggle to achieve online visibility.

People need to make the paradigm shift about Search and SEO, and the article; Website Marketing Has Never Just Been About SEO, is one of the best I have read at explaining this.

I recommend reading the article: If someone takes away just one thing from your article it should be that SEO goes hand in hand with marketing. In fact, I would say its just one facet of marketing.