On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a webmaster on demand service.

Do your pages have a keyword focus?
How many of your pages are currently indexed?
How do you check if your pages are really search engine friendly?

on-page SEOThe biggest change to SEO in the past couple of years has been the re-emergence of on-page as a major factor in SEO. You need to attend to on-page SEO before doing any off-page SEO; otherwise, much of the work in link building will be wasted.

On-page is about ensuring that your website is correctly indexed. Each page needs a keyword focus. and then various tweaks are made to the page. The idea is to reduce the possibility of search engines “guessing” what a page is about and which keywords it should index.

There is a big difference between using an SEO friendly template and actually implementing on-page SEO.

Many website owner may believe their website is SEO friendly because this is what they were told by their developer. Most of the time, what the developer means is they that they have used an SEO friendly template for their design. They may have attended to page titles, header tags and even added some meta descriptions, but very few would have implemented real keyword focused on-page SEO.

We provide keyword focused on-page SEO to ensure your pages are indexed for the terms you are targeting.

Your Virtual Webmaster can optimise your pages for specific keywords. You simply need to specify the keyword you want to optimise the page for and they will do the rest.

  • Optimize pages where keyword focus is provided
  • Adjust site title, header tags etc
  • Generate LSI keyword list
  • Provide report

Webmaster Services cover just about anything you would ask a webmaster to do.

Some of the more popular webmaster services are Website Updates, Vendor Liaison, Page Load Time, On-page SEO, Online Visibility (SEO) and Email management.

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