How our Virtual Webmaster Service works...


Getting started with Virtual Webmaster Services is easy!

Locally Based Support

You will be allocated a locally based Virtual Webmaster.

We call ourselves virtual webmasters, but we are locally based and real people. We believe very strongly in building a long term business relationship and the importance of personal communication, so after you select the website management package you think best suits your needs, we will contact you to arrange a call to introduce ourselves, answer any questions you might have, and discuss our services. This call can be via video conferencing (face to face), VOIP or even a phone call.

STEP 1Select your Website Management Package

We provide 3 website management packages:

Virtual SentinelThis service is for self-hosted websites and because some aspects of management are out of our direct control, it is provided on best-effort basis. This service does not include our Hacking Protection Guarantee.

Virtual ProtectorWe provide secure hosting with this package, and assume full responsibility for all aspects of management of your website. No finger pointing. This service includes our Hacking Protection Guarantee.

Virtual GuardianThis service is the same as our Virtual Protector but includes hosting and management of an additional staging mirror of your website that can be used for testing and development for mission critical websites.

Our Website Management Packages will take care of the following:

  • Daily Checking & Monitoring
  • CMS Management
  • Proactive Website Security
  • Backup Management
  • Offsite backups
  • Performance Reporting
  • Secure Cloud Hosting*
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)*
  • SSL Certificate*
  • Hacking Protection Guarantee*
  • Staging Mirror**

* Virtual Protector & Guardian only
** Virtual Guardian only

STEP 2Get A Webmaster On Demand Support Pack

Your website management package will keep your website running smoothly by attending to regular maintenance and proactive security, but we first need to setup your account, migrate your website and install the SSL certificate (if applicable), and then perform security hardening and a general clean up.

This is done using Webmaster On Demand, which is a highly cost effective pay-as-you-go support service that provides you with access to professional webmaster services as you need them.

The service is very flexible and can help you with everything related to your website and online presence. It can be used for just about anything you would ask an in-house webmaster to do including…

You will need to purchase one of Webmaster On Demand support packs. We have three webmaster support packs available that provide a substantial discount on our per hour support rate.

5 hour webmaster support pack (10% discount)
10 hour webmaster support pack (20% discount)
40 hour webmaster support pack (40% discount)

STEP 3Setup your account and website

After selecting a management package and purchasing a Webmaster On Demand support pack, we are ready to setup your account.

Setup your account with Virtual Webmaster Services.

We will setup your account with Virtual Webmaster Services including our ticketing system, CMS management system, live monitoring service, malware scanning service, performance reporting, backups configuration, billing system and create a virtual time sheet that provides real time online reporting of work undertaken by Webmaster On Demand service.

Website migration and installation of the SSL certificate (if applicable)

Migration Assistance is provided FREE for cPanel hosted accounts. We do not guarantee that we can assist with migration of all non-cPanel hosting. If we are able to assist there may be a small charge.

We will install a FREE basic Secure Sockets Layer certificate providing secure encrypted communication between the web server and visitors. We can also provide and install advanced certificates if required.

Perform website security hardening and general clean up

Once your account is setup, and your website is migrated (if applicable) we will start cleaning it up and security hardening.

If you chose one of our hosted management packages we will also setup a local cache to work in conjunction with the CDN.
We would not expect the entire setup process to require more than a few hours, but this will depend on what needs to be done. Any unused time will be available for any other task and is automatically carried over to the next month.

Webmaster On Demand Support

Like having your own in-house webmaster but at a fraction of the cost

Additional Webmaster hours

Webmaster On Demand is a pay as you go service. Simply purchase one of our Webmaster support packs of 5, 10 or 40 hours, and you have access to your virtual Webmaster when you need them.

Work requests are in 15 minute minimum blocks, but the good news is you can combine multiple smaller tasks into a single work request.

Webmaster support hours do not expire and are carried over to the next month.

Submitting Work Requests

Allocating a task to your Virtual Webmaster is easy

Work requests are tasks that your Virtual Webmaster should be able complete within thirty minutes. Your Virtual Webmaster will let you know if a work request is likely to take longer than 30 minutes so you can avoid having a single request use up all your hours.

When submitting a work request you need to have sufficient hours available to cover the request, and any scheduled tasks you have for the current month. If you are going to need additional hours you will be advised.

Submit work to Virtual Webmaster

Create Monthly Work Schedule

We will manage your website so you can focus on your business!

Virtual Website Management

One of the great features of our service is the ability to create a monthly work schedule for any recurring tasks. If you have anything you would like us to do daily, weekly, monthly or any other regular basis, you can create a scheduled work request, and your virtual Webmaster will automatically attend to this for you.

You can keep your scheduled work requests separate from on-demand requests by purchasing additional support hours and specifically allocating them to the scheduled support requests.

Special Projects

We can help you with bigger jobs also

Larger jobs can be treated as special projects. Special Projects can be anything requiring substantial time such as major website redevelopment or design changes.

You can keep special projects separate from other work requests by purchasing support hours and specifically allocating them to the special project

Special Website Projects

Real Time Reporting

See what your Virtual Webmaster is doing on a day-by-day basis in real time

Webmaster time reporting

We provide you with a link to our online time sheet reporting system so that you can see at a glance exactly what your Virtual Webmaster is doing on a day-by-day basis.

See how your hours are being used, and view progress made on specific tasks or projects. Our dynamic time sheet reporting provides a level of transparency and accountability that you seldom experience even with in-house employees.


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