Fixing the wp-admin white screen

In this video we trouble shoot and fix a wp-admin white screen.

While the specific problem causing the white screen in this case was fairly unique, the process of identifying the particular component that caused the problem and implanting a solution is not.

The clients had some customization done to their website a week or so before. They had checked the work and functionality of the site after, but did not think to login to the admin panel.

When they attempted to do so they got the dreaded white screen. The developers’ response was that it was working after he finished, and that the client had checked the work.

The client contacted us and within 30 minutes we had identified and fixed the problem and was able to 100% point the blame at the developer.

It turned out to be a missing comma in a line of code for functionality that one would not think would have impacted on the login process.

In this video we take you through the process and give you some insight into how virtual webmasters approach fixing website problems.