Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to most of the common questions about Virtual Webmaster Services. If you don’t see an answer to your question here then use out contact form to submit your question and we will get back to your with a personal response.

You describe Webmaster On Demand as Pay As You Go but I still need to buy hours up front?

Webmaster On Demand is a Pay As You Go service as you are only billed for the hours you use as you use them. The payment for webmaster support is held in escrow and we create support credits which can be used by whoever provides you with webmaster services. You can get unused hours refunded less a small 10% administration charge. There are a number of reasons why you might no longer require or want to use the Webmaster On Demand service including refunding unused hours that had been allocated to a completed special project.

How Will I Be Charged?

We use highly trusted 2CO as our online payment processor. They accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express and also Paypal. When you subscribe to our website management service you will be auto-charged each month on a recurring basis until you decide to cancel or change your plan. You will also receive a monthly invoice for your records. Payment is due 7 days after the receipt of that invoice.

What If I Want To Cancel the service?

With our management service you are not locked into and plan or commitment. If for whatever reason you decide to cancel simply contact us (our ticketing system is best) and will cancel the automatic billing.

How Many Support Requests Can I Make?

You can ask us as many questions as you’d like in sequence, and if your request is covered by your site management plan and you still have sufficient time available, then we’ll take care of it right away. If you do not have sufficient time we will advise you and you will have the option of purchasing additional hours.

How Many Websites Are Covered by a single subscription?

A single subscription is meant for a single website, but if you have more than one website on a single domain we will generally cover them all in the one subscription. Contact us to discuss. For additional website on other domains we provide the option to add as many additional website as you like at a discounted price.

How can I get more hours if I need them?

We provide Virtual Webmaster 10 hour packs that can be used to top up your existing package, or for any other special projects. These hours are flexible and can spread across different tasks including

  • Work schedule tasks
  • Ad-hoc requests
  • Special Projects

Unlike the monthly Virtual Webmaster package hours, the additional hours do not expire and can be carried to the next month.

How to order more hours

Why do you limit tasks to 30 minutes?

The reason we limit tasks to those than can be accomplished in 30 minutes is so that we can continue to provide the basic services you have subscribed to. Each website management package comes with 10 hours and 4 of those hours are automatically allocated to daily checking and CMS Management.

That leaves 6 hours to be allocated to other scheduled tasks and any special service requests you have selected. Any remaining time can be used for ad-hoc requests.

If we allowed longer tasks this would impact on our ability to provide the management and security of your website that you have entrusted us to provide.

For this reason we treat longer task as Special Projects and require the purchase of additional hours.