Email Management & Support

Email Management & Support is a webmaster on demand service.

Who manages your email system?
Is it a hassle adding and configuring a new email addresses?
Do you understand the difference between a forwarder and an account?

Email management and supportEmail is an essential tool today for businesses, and when it is not functioning correctly, this can be very disruptive and costly.

While most hosting packages include limited email support, this if often limited to ensuring that it is operational on the server. Any problems a business has configuring their email and managing email in general, is often outside the scope of this support. Assisting users having difficult configuring their email client is one of those areas where the host will provide limited support.

Your Virtual Webmaster can help you manage your email service, assist users with email configuration and in troubleshooting connectivity issues.

  • Adding and removing email accounts
  • Email client configuration support
  • Troubleshooting connectivity problems
  • Configure Anti-spam protection
  • Provide Web-mail Access
  • Setup Email forwarding
  • Help with Mailing lists

Webmaster Services cover just about anything you would ask a webmaster to do.

Some of the more popular webmaster services are Website Updates, Vendor Liaison, Page Load Time, On-page SEO, Online Visibility (SEO) and Email management.

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