Don’t waste your content.

Don’t waste your content.

Content marketing is more than just publishing good content – its knowing how to publish content.

I was recently asked to look at a how-to article published on Linkedin.

When I read the article I thought it to be very good.  Too good to be used in the way it was.

In fact it is too long and provided way too much good information to be posted as a single article. The author is giving away too much information to freely.  People value something more when they need to jump through a hoop to get it.  It would be better appreciated provided in installments or as downloadable guide.

The hoop they need to jump through could be as simple as liking your fan page on social media, or collecting their email address as part of list building.

My recommendation was to unpublished the article (maybe edit and leave a cut down version with a link) and instead turn it into either a downloadable free report / guide or offer it as a mini online course. Its already substantial but I imagine they could expand it a little more without resorting to fluff.

Here are the two options:

  1. Create a report / guide in PDF format and offer as a free download when someone completes a required action. The action might be to like or join your social media channel, or to provide their email address
  2. Create a mini-course delivered via pages on your website. No real need to protect the pages.  Just do not link to the pages and edit your robots file to tell search engines not to index.  It does not really matter if people find it or refer others directly but its better if you control the process. You could also provide it via email installments.

With both those options they can start list building which simply means creating an audience.  An audience that they know are interested in the topic and that they can connect with in the future.

In this case the author already has both a published book on Amazon and a Udemy course to promote.  Providing the free report/guide or mini course is a perfect way to create the audience to and provide more opportunities to up-sell to those.

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Christopher Bennetts is an IT specialist with 30 years of experience in developing technology working with corporates and SME’s. Chris is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, as well as numerous certificate based qualifications in technology and application development.