Cyber Security Threats For 2018

Cyber Security Threats For 2018

Cyber Security Threats For 2018

We hear people talking about cyber security, but are we making conscious efforts to shield our IT infrastructures and computer systems from sophisticated attacks? The latest vulnerabilities and exploits are just proof that cyber security is everyone’s responsibility. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 44% of respondents admit they have not devised an overall information security strategy.

While manufacturers are redesigning operating systems to combat system attacks in the future, hackers will also stop at nothing to execute their schemes. Technology makes things possible but the aim for greater connectivity comes with a price most of us are not yet willing to pay. threats are often ignored, unperturbed to the consequences it entails.

Pat Larkin, chief executive of IT security firm Ward Solutions said “2018 will see cybersecurity threats increase further in sophistication and the amount of damage that they can potentially cause. Furthermore, as state-sponsored groups increase their attacks on countries’ national infrastructures, civilians could begin to suffer as essential services come under strain”

Here are top 5 cyber security threats for 2018:

1. Health Insurance Hacks

“Medical identity theft is the most serious form of ID theft both personally and financially, it’s the only form of Identity theft that can actually kill you and it’s getting worse,” said Weisman.

2. Ransomware Spike

To prevent your computer from getting hijacked avoid clicking on unknown links, keep security software up to date, and back-up everything on an external hard drive.

3. Attacks on Infrastructure

Power grids, and even transportation networks that depend on online systems are especially at risk.

4. Hacking the “Internet of Things”

Cars, appliances, toys, all connected to the web, are at increased risk. Weisman says protect with an up-to-date high security router, and always changing default passwords.

5. Cryptocurrency Scams

This one affects investors, specifically those interested in currency.

These cyber threats raise more questions. Are we prepared for these system attacks? Are we armed with skills and knowledge to combat cyber threats? These digital enemies are difficult to catch. Where do we stand on cybersecurity?

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