Website Management & Maintenance

Website Management & Maintenance is automatically included in all our website support packages.

Who currently manages your Website?
Are your CMS, themes and plugins up-to-date?
Can you identify and resolve website component conflicts?

CMS Management

Most websites built today use a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. These are great but they do need to be managed and maintained.

The problem is that most businesses getting their web site build do not consider ongoing web site management. Some may assume that this is something that is taken care of by their web design company, or that it will be included as part of the hosting. This is seldom the case.

Even when some basic ongoing administration and support is included, it seldom lives up to either the expectations or needs of the client. When there is a problem or something needs to be changed, you may discover that there are so many hidden charges and exclusions, that you will often you end up having to pay extra for things that you thought should have been included.

We monitor your website on a daily basis and keep it up-to-date to ensure it runs smoothly and trouble free.

Keeping your website up-to-date can involve a lot more than just clicking the update option for your CMS, Themes and plugins. With each new update there is the potential for compatibility problems. Updates can introduce conflicts other components, and with the underlying web server software such as the PHP versions.

CMS management is the biggest factor in Websites being hacked or infected with malicious code.

The major reason why a website gets hacked or hijacked with malicious code, is because no one is maintaining them, and they have out of date software installed on the server. Keeping your CMS, themes, plugins, and web server up to date will substantially reduce the risk of it being hacked or infected with malware. This is basic stuff that ALL hosting should provide, but unfortunately many do not.

The fact is that most websites are not managed and with each passing day the website becomes increasingly at risk of being compromised.

Webmaster Basic Package

The Webmaster Basic package provides four hours per month for Website Management and Maintenance.

The following tasks will be performed automatically:

Daily Checking – 5 minutes a day to check on the health of your website (2 hours a month)

CMS Management – 30 minutes a week is allocated to CMS maintenance. (2 hours a month)

including Updating WordPress core, themes and plugins, Proactive Website Security, Website Backup Management, Monthly Remote Backup, Malware Scanning, Performance Reporting.


  • Manually check website on a daily basis
  • Keep CMS, themes and plugins up-to-date
  • Identify and resolve conflicts between different components

Website Management and Maintenance is part of our Basic Webmaster package which provides the minimum maintenance you need including WordPress Management (updating WordPress core, themes and plugins), Website Security, Backup Management, Performance Reporting, Malware scanning and monthly remote backups.

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