Website Backup Management

Website Backup Management is automatically included in all our Website Management and Maintenance packages.

Do you know what your back up schedule is?
How confident are you about your most recent backup?
Are you relying solely on the backup being performed by your host?

Website Backup ManagementYou can’t rely solely on the back up your hosting is providing, and you can’t assume that they are backing up everything they need to as often as it needs to be.

If you are like most website owners you assume that your host is taking care of your backups. I have discovered time and time again that backups are not something to be taken for granted. I have dealt clients using premium hosting and discovered much to my dismay that they had only scheduled for weekly backups resulting in the client loosing data. I have had an experience with another very large hosting company reporting back to me that they “could not locate a backup”.

You need to have their own backups, separate from that of the host. You can’t rely on the automated backups being performed by your host regardless of how reliable you believe your host is, things can and do go wrong.

So what could go wrong…

  • Natural disasters such as flooding, fire, earth quakes.
  • Hardware failures causing corruption of the file system and the backups.
  • Hackers breaking into your host and destroying all your files.
  • Malware slowly undermining the integrity of all files.
  • Your host could even go out of business and close up shop, it would not be the first time.

You need to either take responsibility for your own backups, or find someone to do it for you.

  • Review your backups and determine the best schedule for your needs
  • Regularly monitor that backups are completed and successful
  • Suggest and implement preventative security measures
  • Perform a safe backup and restore if possible with your current host.
  • Full remote backups of your file system and databases (up to 1Gb) *

* Remote backups are automatically performed daily if using our Secure Could Hosting.

Website Backup Management is part of our Basic Webmaster package which provides the minimum maintenance you need including WordPress Management (updating WordPress core, themes and plugins), Website Security, Backup Management, Performance Reporting, Malware scanning and remote backups.

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